Tungsten(VI) Oxide Nanopowder WO3 
Formula WO3
Purity 99%
Particle Size 50 nm
SSA 20 m2/g
Morphology Nearly spherical
Bulk Density 0.25 g/cm3
True Density 4.2 g/cm3
Appearance light yellow to green
CAS Number 1314-35-8
Molecular Weight 231.84


This material is known for its faceted high surface area and its magnetic properties. Frequently handled as a nanofluid, this material offers benefits to a wide array of domains, and has been the subject of attention from engineers and researchers across a variety of disciplines.


1- Color and pigment. Used as a colorant and pigment in various ceramics and other compound materials.

2- Alloys. Can be used when producing certain forms of metal tungsten and tungsten alloys.

3- Data storage. Used to produce high-density memory storage devices.

4- Conductors. This material is frequently used for its electromagnetic properties to produce conductors and conducting nanofluids.

5- Semi-conductors. Tungsten oxide powders can also be used to produce certain composite semi-conducting materials.

6- Mechanochemical. Various mechaniochemical applicatios can take advantage of the unique properties of tungsten oxide. Specifically of use in solar energy conversion, smart windows, and related technologies.

7- Optics. Like many nanoparticles, tungsten oxide offers unique optical properties as smaller scales, unseen at larger scales. This makes it useful in certain displays and imaging applications.