Tin Oxide Nanopowder SnO2 
Formula SnO2
Purity 99%
Particle Size 50 nm
SSA 20 m2/g
Morphology spherical
Bulk Density 0.55 g/cm3
True Density 6.95 g/cm3
Appearance White to gray powder
CAS Number 18282-10-5
Molecular Weight 150.69


A fine white powder composed of tin oxide particles ranging 50nm in diameter, these nanoparticles are faceted with a high surface area and diamagnetic properties. This combination of properties, along with the unique traits inherent to nanoparticles, make this material ideal for any number of magnetic, optical, and electronic application across various domains.


1- Data storage: Viable for use in magnetic data storage devices.

2- Catalyst and additive: Like many oxides, there are a variety of applications where tin oxide offers unique benefits as a catalyst or additive.

3- Imaging: The magnetic properties of this material make it ideal for magnetic resonance imaging.

4- Anti-static: Thanks to the unique magnetic properties of tin oxide nanoparticles, they can be used to produce an effective anti-static coating.

5- Solar: This material plays a role in the production of certain types of solar cells, acting as an anti-reflection coating.

6- Optoelectronics; Various devices and components can be produced using the unique optical and electrical properties of tin oxide, including resistors, electrodes, gas sensors, and various other items.