NanoDiamonds are detonation synthesised diamond particles with a size range of 4-6nm. Uniquely, the detonation process creates diamond particles with chemically functionalised surfaces, enabling the particles to be bound into the parent material to empower a host of exciting properties in various nanocomposites.

NanoDiamonds are available as liquids or powders. Within the liquids, we offer dispersion grades in water or solvent and within powders, the materials may be high purity diamond or a diamond/ graphite mixture according to the application.


Nanodiamond Nanodiamond 
Purity >98%
Particle Size 5 nm
SSA 280 m2/g
Morphology spherical
Bulk Density 0.16-0.18 g/cm3
True Density 3.05-3.3  g/cm3
Appearance Gray powder
CAS Number 7782-40-3
Molecular Weight 12.01