With the UP400St (400W, 24kHz), the serial of Hielscher’s digital ultrasonic devices is expanded by a powerful 400 watts ultrasonicator. The new UP400St is the successor of UP400S – one of Hielscher’s most popular lab systems. Its high ultrasound power and robustness make the UP400St perfectly suitable for the use in demanding environments. Equipped with a colored touch screen for easy controllability, integrated LEDs for sample illumination, pluggable temperature sensor, integrated SD-Card for automatic data recording, as well as many other features, the UP400St convinces by its user-friendliness and reliability. The UP400St is ideal for efficient and precise sonication of larger samples. Being our most powerful laboratory device, the UP400St is suitable to fulfil various applications such as homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, deagglomeration & wet-milling (particle size reduction), cell disruption & disintegration, extraction, degassing, as well as sonochemical processes. With sonotrodes of a diameter range from 3 to 40mm, the device is suited for the sonication of sample volumes from 5 to 4000ml. In combination with a flow cell approx. 10 to 50 liters per hour can be sonicated. When used for sample preparation, the UP400St is mainly used for bigger volumes. It is suited for the development of ultrasonic applications in the laboratory, but also in the bench top optimization as well as for the production of small quantities. The device functions and the various accessories allow for different applications and the coverage of very wide parameter configurations.


Technical data
Power 400 W
Power control amplitude 20-100%
Pulse range 0-100%
Operating frequency 24 kHz
Dimensions (LxWxH): 280x210x150mm
Weight 3.2 kg
Power supply 230 Volts, AC, single phase, 4A, 50-60Hz
Sonotrode Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Sample volume
S24d3 3 148 5ml up to200ml
S24d7 7 126 20ml up to 500ml
S24d14D 14 100 50ml up to 1000ml
S24d22D 22 100 100ml up to 2000ml
S24d40 40 93 100ml up to 2000ml


















 UP400St Accessories


UP400StSonotrode S24d3
sonotrode, made of titanium, Ø3mm (7mm²), approx. length 148mm, male thread M10x1, for samples from 5ml up to 200ml, amplitude ratio approx. 1:4, autoclavable

Sonotrode S24d7
sonotrode, made of titanium, Ø7mm (38,5mm²), approx. length 126mm, male thread M6x0.75, for samples from 20ml up to 500ml, amplitude ratio approx. 1:4, autoclavable

Sonotrode S24d14D
sonotrode, made of titanium, Ø14mm (154mm²), approx. length 100mm, male thread M6x0.75, for samples from 50ml up to 1000ml, amplitude ratio approx. 1:2.5, autoclavable

Sonotrode S24d22D 

sonotrode, made of titanium, Ø22mm (99mm²), approx. length 100mm, male thread M6x0.75, for samples from 50ml up to 1000ml, amplitude ratio approx. 1:1, autoclavable

Sonotrode S24d40
sonotrode, made of titanium, Ø40mm (1257mm²), approx. length 93mm, male thread M6x0.75, for samples from 100ml up to 1000ml, amplitude ratio approx. 1:0.5, autoclavable


Stand ST1-16

diameter 16mm, made of stainless steel, base length 300mm, width 150mm, height 600mm


UP400St touchST1-Clamp 

clamp for holding diam. 0 to 63mm, made of aluminum, for use with stand stands of up to 16.5mm, e.g. ST1-16


for the easy positioning of samples under the ultrasonic probes to control immersion depth, stainless steel, footprint 100x100mm, adjustable height: 50 to 125mm

Flow Cell Reactor FC22K
flow cell, made of stainless steal, with cooling jacket, approx. volume 37cm³, for sonotrodes S24d14D, S24d22D or S24d22DL2 (sonotrode S24d22DL2 in combination with flask adapter NSA3), with NBR O-rings, hose fittings, clamps, hose (2m), and 4xGL14 plastic screw cap with plastic hose connection for hose ID: 7-8mm, autoclavable

Sound Protection Box SPB-L
sound protection box, acryl glass, with divisible rod Ø12mm, vertically adjustable table, anti-slip mat, dimensions (LxWxH): 29x20x35cm, weight: 13kg, sound insulation: 22dB (A) open air measurement